The Ministry of Health is intensifying its efforts to prepare the country to handle cases of the deadly Ebola virus.

The Health Ministry says come next week, it will increase the number of health personnel stationed at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay St. James.

The Ministry says it’s also speaking with airlines to see whether they can broadcast Ebola messages on board incoming flights.

Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, says he’s in dialogue with officials of the airlines which use Sangster International airport, to see whether messages about Ebola can be displayed on board their flights.

The Health Ministry says it’s also preparing a declaration form, similar to the immigration or custom form, that will be asking specific questions regarding passengers’ travel details.

The Health Ministry says it will bolster surveillance at the airport, through the deployment of additional personnel.

Currently, 18 persons are responsible for screening for possible Ebola cases at the airport.

This number includes 13 public health inspectors, two public health nurses and an epidemiology clerk.

As of Monday, four more inspectors will be added to the team.

Dr. Ferguson, yesterday presented two new hand-held thermal sensors and three sets of personal protective equipment, to the Senior Public Health Nurse at the airport, Jennifer Pearson.

The Health Ministry says the Ebola screening process will be expanded to include checks for other communicable diseases such as cholera, malaria and yellow fever.

The Health Minister says he’s satisfied with the condition of an isolation room at the airport, where persons suspected of having so called ‘high alert diseases’, will be kept for further assessment.