The Ministry of Health and Wellness has ordered a full investigation into an incident at Falmouth Hospital in Trelawny, where a patient died after being admitted to the facility.

It’s understood that the relatives of the victim took to social media to complain about the circumstances surrounding the death.

Tauna Thomas has more in this report.

In the video posted online, the woman details how her mother was rushed to the Falmouth Hospital at 5:15 am on Saturday after complaining that her blood pressure was high.

The woman says after paying for the CT-scan, her mother wasn’t taken to the private facility for the service until after midday.

This was because there was no ambulance available to take the patient to the diagnostic facility location in Montego Bay, St. James.

The woman says her mother was eventually taken to the private diagnostic location in Montego Bay for the CT-scan, before being returned to Falmouth Hospital at 5:30 pm.

But she says it wasn’t until 10 pm that night before they were given the results. 

The woman says she eventually got the prescribed medication at a location that sold hospital supplies and took it to the hospital at around 1 am on Sunday.

According to her, the medication cost $95,000 for one week’s supply. Her mother needed three-weeks’ supply.

The woman says later on Sunday, the doctors at Falmouth Hospital told her that her mother needed another CT-scan to reassess the bleeding in her brain. But again, there was no ambulance available to take her to Montego Bay for the procedure.

To compound matters, she was told that the machine at the Montego Bay facility had broken down and they had to wait 24 hours.

The irate woman said it wasn’t until Monday before the second CT-scan was done. She says the family was told their loved one needed surgery.

But again, there were issues. This time they were told there was no bed available. 

The grieving woman adds that three days later, on Tuesday, the family was told that the woman needed to be transported to Kingston for surgery.

But it was again a waiting game.

The woman says by the time her mother arrived at the University Hospital of the West Indies, UHWI, on Wednesday, it was too late to do surgery.

Medical staff at the UHWI say her mother’s heart and lungs had started to collapse.

The woman died in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday at UHWI, almost one week after she was first admitted to Falmouth Hospital.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton says a full investigation will be conducted into the allegations being made by the woman about the treatment of her mother at the Falmouth Hospital.

Dr Tufton says the family of the victim will be provided with counselling.

Dr Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health and Wellness.

The health ministry is also reminding the public that it has in place a complaints management system, which allows users of healthcare facilities to report concerns they may have.

Shaloy Smikle contributed to this report.