The Ministry of Health and Wellness says it has taken note of the concerns of the Nurses Association of Jamaica, NAJ, regarding the payment of public health nurses, who worked at the vaccination blitz sites in March and April.

In a press release, the Ministry says approximately 4,000 people, inclusive of public health nurses, were engaged as blitz workers at vaccination sites across the island during the period of March 27 to April 13.

They were to be paid a stipend.

The Health Ministry says to date 83 percent of nurses have received their full payments.

The Health Ministry says of the outstanding payments, 32 are being processed, 60 are without banking information and 102 have been rejected by the Government’s Financial Management System due to dormant bank accounts and incorrect account information.

The Ministry says it’s in contact with these health workers to resolve the issues.

In the meantime, the Ministry is refuting the assertion that blitz workers have been underpaid.

They say some blitz workers would have only received part payment due to a technical glitch with the payment system.