The Health Ministry says its moving to develop a  National Transplant Policy, as part of efforts to tackle the prevalence of renal diseases in the country.

The Ministry says the policy is necessary in order to save the lives of Jamaicans with end stage renal disease.

Speaking today at the handing over of a Peritoneal Dialysis Machine from Sagicor at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson says the cost for Kidney transplants is becoming more affordable, due to the availability of cheaper, generic drugs.

The drugs allow the recipient’s body to accept a new kidney without major complications.

Minister Ferguson says foreign specialists are already in the island, working at the Cornwall Regional Hospital to develop the policy.

And the Health Minister is calling for a strategic decision to be made in order to develop dialysis services at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

He says there’s also need for an expansion in the human resource capacity at the facility to include training in paediatric nephrology and paediatric oncology, to support the provision of these services to children.