The Ministry of Health says it will not be publishing the complete findings of the audit into conditions at public health facilities across the island.

According to the Ministry, it has decided to withhold the information, in order to avoid what it has termed the ‘prejudicing’ of certain facilities.

At a press conference this morning, the Ministry presented a summary of the findings from the audit.

As we hear in this report from Rashona Fitz Henley, the audit found that the delivery of healthcare is being compromised by a lack of equipment and a poor infection prevention system.

Permanent Secretary in the Health Ministry, Dr. Kevin Harvey, today told journalists that he will not be releasing the full audit into the operations of the regional health authorities across the island.

Dr. Harvey explained why the media will have to make do with a summary.

The summary of the audit shared with the media today, paints a damning picture of the state of the public health system.

The Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson says the quality of patient care is being affected by the shortage of critical equipment.

Dr. Ferguson says system is suffering from an overall lack of funding.

He says the recent increased budgetary allocation for line items such as pharmaceuticals, should allow administrators at health facilities to begin addressing some of the problems.

Dr. Ferguson says its clear from the findings of the audit, that it cannot be business as usual across the regional health authorities.