The government plans to spend some $1.32-billion in the health sector under the Health Services Improvement Project.

The project is aimed at enhancing service delivery in the public health system.

The allocation is contained in the 2016/17 Estimates of Expenditure tabled in the House of Representatives last week by Finance Minister Audley Shaw.

The targets for the fiscal year under the project include the procurement of a Hospital Management Information System, the preparation of designs for the construction of four polyclinics, as well as vector control support.

The rehabilitation of health care facilities and the acquisition of a Linear Accelerator to be used in cancer treatment are also included in the targets.

The project is being funded by the National Health Fund, NHF.

Some $24-million has also been allocated, through the Consolidated Fund, to upgrade the water supply system at the Bellevue Hospital.

The objective of the project is to reduce water loss and improve consumption efficiency by re-piping the supply at the institution.

Additionally, $4.3 million is to be spent on a public education and prevention programme called ‘Project Inner-City’.

The objective is to establish infrastructure in rural and urban communities, in an effort to reduce the demand for drugs.