There’s a heavy security presence in sections of Denham Town this morning, following the murder of an area leader and a suspected reprisal act.

Kevin Francis, otherwise known as Puppy Man, was killed last evening.

Francis is known in West Kingston as the don for the Shooters Hill area of Denham Town.

Gunmen visited the Albert Street area of the community around 8:26 last evening and opened fire on Francis, who died on the spot.

Another man was injured during that incident.

His condition is not immediately clear.

Sources say following Francis’s murder, some of his supporters visited the neighbouring Metcalfe Street in West Kingston and fired multiple shots, killing one man and injuring two others..

The identity of the Metcalfe Street victims have not been released.

The police’s Corporate Communications Unit confirmed both incidents this morning.

Denham Town is in the build phase of a Zone of Special Operation, ZOSO.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness told the House of Representatives last week that the ZOSO has resulted in a major reduction in murders and shootings in the area.

44 shootings and 29 murders were committed in Denham Town 5-hundred days prior to the declaration of the ZOSO.

While 12 murders and 10 shootings have taken place in the area 5-hundred days since the declaration of the enhanced security measure.

MPs last week voted in favour of extending the ZOSO by another 60 days.