Heavy rain on the weekend has flooded the homes of more than a dozen people in St. Margaret’s Bay in West Portland.

The rains, which reportedly began Saturday, have also caused land slippages, cutting off travel in some areas.

The rain has left sections of the Hope Bay to Durham Gap main road blocked.

Councilor for the St. Margaret’s Bay Division, Stephen Williams, says some of the residents whose homes have been flooded are from the Grants Gate area of his division.

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He says the rains have eased since this morning.

On Monday morning, the National Works Agency, NWA, sent a team to clear the roadway.

The Councillor says the road is now open to single-lane traffic. But he says some of the areas affected by landslides are yet to be visited by the team from the NWA.

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Stephen Williams, Councillor for the St. Margaret’s Bay Division of the Portland Municipal Corporation, speaking Monday afternoon with Nationwide News.

He says help will be sought for those who’ve been flooded.

Meanwhile, Communication and Customer Services Manager at the National Works Agency, Stephen Shaw, says the landslides have resulted in fallen trees and boulders blocking the roadway from Hope Bay to Durham Gap.

He says the agency has mobilized a contractor to work to restore access to the roadway as soon as possible.

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It’s reported that vehicular access to several farming communities including Fruitful Vale, Chatsworth and Durham, has been affected by the landslides.