Popular songstress, Nadine Sutherland, is chiding some of her colleagues in the entertainment industry for taking the Covid-19 vaccine in secret.

Some entertainers like Mr. Lexx have been vocal and visible in their support of the vaccines, including participating in an education and sensitisation campaign organised by the health ministry.

But others like Buju Banton have been vocal in their opposition to the vaccines.

In a post on social media platform, Twitter on Wednesday morning, Sutherland says some entertainers are taking the vaccine in secret, not wanting their fans to know.

Sutherland didn’t reveal the names of any entertainer who has done so. But she did brand the practice as ‘hide an jook’ – a play on the patois term for getting an injection.

Sutherland says it will be revealing to see which entertainers are able to travel to the United States come November.

That’s because the United States has announced a new policy mandating all visitors to the country be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Responding to a comment on her post, Sutherland says while some entertainers are anti-vaxxers others feel trapped into supporting the popular anti-vaxx culture in which many of their fans believe.