Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Opposition Leader, Mark Golding’s insistence that Jamaica accede to the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ has jeopardised the move to have the country become a Republic.

He made the comments in Clarendon on Friday.

Mr. Holness says Mark Golding’s refusal to accept that the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, has a more nuanced position on the CCJ than that taken by the PNP has put the process at risk.

The Prime Minister has indicated the JLP is in favour of having a local final appellate court, but would put the matter to the Jamaican people in a referendum.

Mr. Holness says despite the present impasse, he does not believe the differences between the two major political parties cannot be overcome.

He says he has given instructions that dialogue continue towards reaching consensus.

He’s seeking to assure Jamaicans that his administration remains committed to seeing the process through to the end.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister says the Opposition Leader should carefully reflect on the contents of the report of the Constitutional Reform Committee, CRC, and allow the country to move forward on becoming a Republic.

The CRC has recommended that Commonwealth citizens lose the right to sit in Parliament.

Mr. Golding, by virtue of his British citizenship, is a dual citizen.

He has recommended that the right remain.

Holness says Mr. Golding should not allow a single issue to derail the entire constitutional reform process.

Prime Minster Andrew Holness.