The government has rejected the demands of taxi and bus operators who went on strike Monday morning for an amnesty for payment of their outstanding traffic tickets.

A statement from Cabinet Monday afternoon, says it’s advising people who’ve broken the law, and as a result have unpaid tickets, to pay their fines as ticketed.

It says the government and country will give no support for lawlessness and disorder and welcomes the significant rejection of today’s protest actions and demands.

According to the Cabinet, these actions have not only demonstrated a disregard for the need for citizens going about their lawful business, to get to work and school but have also demonstrated complete disdain for law, order and discipline.

It says in the context of high road fatalities and severe injuries on our roads, it must protect the commuting public and encourage discipline among the motoring public, including taxi owners and drivers.

The government, it says, is undertaking the internal processes needed to effectively implement and enforce the new regime under the Road Traffic Act of 2018 and its 2022 Regulations in order to secure greater accountability and discipline on our roads.

Cabinet says in light of this, it calls on those who are engaging in the disruption of transportation services to recognise that the government will not relent in its efforts to build a better transport sector.

It is also calling on all law­-abiding owners and operators to continue providing their services to their fellow Jamaicans going about their lawful business.