The Holness administration will be dealt a blow in the Senate today, as the 8 Opposition Senators are set to unanimously vote against an extension of the States of Public Emergency now in effect across the island.

This means the emergency measures will come to an end next Tuesday.

The debate on the measure is now underway in the Upper House.

Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Donna Scott Mottley, told Nationwide This Morning that on a matter of principle, the Opposition will vote no.

Ricardo Brooks reports.

Government Senators are at this hour making a long shot effort to convince at least one Opposition Senator to save the emergency powers declaration.

But it appears the Opposition has already come to a settled position.

Senator Scott Mottley says the vote will be no.

She says the government’s approach to constitutional issues is troubling.

The Senator says the Holness administration has not consulted in any meaningful way with the Opposition on the extension of the emergency security measure.

She has criticised the routine reliance on the measure, saying the government has no clear alternatives to tackle the issue of crime.

She’s taking the government to task for its approach to consultation and cooperation on national security.

Senator Scott Mottley says the no vote will be difficult, but she says her colleagues are prepared to stand on principle and to do what is right.

Public opinion polling has shown that upwards of 70% of the Jamaican people support the use of SOEs as a crime fighting tool.

There’s no word yet on how the Holness administration will respond.

And, despite her confirmation that her colleagues will vote against the extension of the States of Public Emergency today, Senator Scott Mottley left open the possibility that the Opposition could vote for an extension in the future.

In responding to the urging of 15 private sector leaders to get behind the States of Emergency, Senator Scott Mottley says she’s disappointed in the approach of the business leaders.

Donna Scott Mottley, Opposition Senator.

She was speaking on Nationwide This Morning