Prime Minister Andrew Holness admits he must do more to ensure government resources are not used for partisan political gain.

The Prime Minister was reacting to controversial comments made by his State Minister in the Finance Ministry with responsibility for the Public Service, Rudyard Spencer, regarding the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, RADA.

Mr. Spencer was chastised by both the Opposition and civil society for what was viewed as tribal comments.

Prime Minister Holness says he’s not yet spoken to the State Minister about the issue.

Last weekend during a JLP meeting, Mr. Spencer suggested JLP supporters will get additional help through RADA, now that another party member is Chairman of the entity.

He’s since apologized for the comment which he suggests was taken out of context.

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Speaking at a Social Media Town Hall Meeting this afternoon, Prime Minister Holness in response says, more work needs to be done to ensure the fair use of government resources.

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Prime Minister Holness told party supporters they shouldn’t expect preferential treatment if their party forms the government.

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He says the government is elected to serve all Jamaicans.

However, he was vague as to whether Minister Spencer would face any form of censure from his office as a result of the comments.

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