Prime Minister Andrew Holness, says the government is aiming to re-calibrate the role of the Jamaica Defence Force, JDF, in the nation’s fight against crime so that the country’s murder rate can be brought in line with the regional average.

Prime Minister Holness says the JDF is being retooled to combat ‘unconventional threats’ like the country’s Don-culture.

Jamaica’s murder rate is 50 per 1-hundred thousand people.

That’s more than three times higher than the regional rate of 16 per 1-hundred thousand people — the highest in the world.

Prime Minister Holness says the JDF’s role in what he calls peacekeeping activities during enhanced security measures is indicative of the military’s renewed mandate.

He was speaking at the official opening of the Lathbury Barracks Offices & Accommodation at Up Park Camp in Kingston.

The new accommodations will house more than 1-thousand soldiers.

Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, welcomed the construction of the new accommodations for the soldiers.

He’s calling on the government to continue the push to upgrade facilities for both the JDF and the Constabulary Force.