Prime Minister Andrew Holness has delivered a long awaited apology on behalf of the State for its actions during the May 2010 West Kingston incursion.

Addressing the House of Representatives this afternoon Prime Minister Holness says the process of healing must start.

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He was referring to the 2010 operation to arrest then Tivoli Gardens Don, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

The operation left 73 people dead.

Prime Minister Holness says it’s not up to the government to pass judgement on those who were killed during the incursion.

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He says the outcome of the May 2010 operations and the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry into the incident is an important and costly lesson.

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And an impassioned Ronald Thwaites called on Parliament to make changes to the country’s political culture so the atrocities of West Kingston in May 2010 are never repeated.

His statement came after Prime Minister Andrew Holness apologized.

While questioning at first why he should apologise Reverend Thwaites says the events of May 2010 did not start with the circumstances and time frame covered by the Commission of Inquiry. He says the Jamaican State incubated a serious international criminal.

Thwaites says the government also allowed the situation to fester which led to the tragic outcome. He tells parliamentarians that others including members of the JCF should apologise as well.

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Reverend Thwaites says Parliament and the country must understand the contradictions and that aspects of the political culture have ambushed the nation. He then made his apology.

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He says one-off statements by the Prime Minister will not go far enough.

Thwaites says to have forgiveness there must be repentance which must include everyone involved.