Stevian Simmonds reports

Prime Minister Andrew Holness clashed with Opposition Leader Mark Golding in the House of Representatives yesterday over the States of Public Emergency.

Mr Holness was calling on the Opposition to support the enhanced security measure to address the nation’s crime problem.

He also labelled as hypocrisy the call for increased police presence without increased powers.

The Prime Minister sought to draw an analogy between measures imposed to contain COVID-19 and those he says are necessary to curtail the crime problem.

He says under the States of Public Emergency, the security forces were able to detain and bring several gangsters to court. and, the Prime Minister says the rate of extrajudicial killings also saw a decline.

But, the Prime Minister drew the ire of Opposition Leader when he said this.

The Opposition Leader sought to take the Prime Minister to task, before House Speaker Marissa Dalrimple Philibert intervened.

Despite objections from government members, including St Catherine South West MP, Everald Warmington, the Opposition Leader would not yield.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister announced some relaxed COVID-19 measures yesterday.

He says public buses will be allowed to carry a few standing passengers.

And, in the case of funerals…

He says the travel restriction for the UK will remain in place until February 28.