Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says the country can become great but only after it resolves what he describes as the political fight over poverty.

Speaking in New York at a public forum put on by Jamaica National, Mr. Holness told his audience that he was not interested in wasting time separating the Jamaican people into JLP and PNP camps.

He told the members of Diaspora that the only ‘P’ he sees when thinking of Jamaica is prosperity.

Mr. Holness says his vision for Jamaica is a country that produces the caliber of people who can proudly present their passports at any immigration desk and not have people scrutinize them.

He told his audience that energy security and education were key driving factors for the development of Jamaica.

According to Mr. Holness, the current PNP administration lacks the political will to make meaningful change in a country struggling with poverty and the under education of its people.

The Opposition Leader told his audience that despite the numerous challenges, there is hope for Jamaica.