Prime Minister Andrew Holness says a claim by the Opposition PNP that the government doesn’t have a plan to fight crime is pitiful, bad-minded and “very devious political propaganda”.

Mr. Holness attacked the opposition today during his quarterly media briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister where he addressed a wide range of issues.

Members of the Opposition PNP, including its party leader, Dr. Peter Phillips and National Security Spokesman, Fitz Jackson, have noted gains made in the fight against crime but blasted the Holness-administration for what they argue is the lack of a proper crime plan.

Prime Minister Holness is dismissing that allegation.

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Mr. Holness says significant elements of the crime plan have been articulated by his administration.

But, he says even a child can appreciate that there are some things which cannot be said.

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The Prime Minister told the media conference that he’s not celebrating the 17-percent decline in murders and violent crimes because much more work needs to be done.

However, he says the gains are good and serve as evidence that a plan is not only in place but working.

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Mr. Holness also outlined other elements of his administration’s crime plan.

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