Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reiterated his support for the growth of the private sector, specifically entrepreneurs in the small business sector.

Speaking at yesterday’s Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) IGNITE Awards ceremony, the Prime Minister indicated that his Administration is committed to promoting new businesses.

He says this move by the DBJ to facilitate the growth and creation of small businesses, represents a larger push by the government to rethink the way it does business by becoming more of a market maker.

He says it also represent the government’s belief that investing in entrepreneurs and small business is the key to economic growth.

Twenty seven entrepreneurs were yesterday with grants valuing between $1.5-million and $4-million.

The grants form part of the DBJ’s IGNITE programme which supports the creation and growth of entrepreneurs and new firms in the productive sectors.

According to the DBJ, these small business projects have the potential to generate revenue of more than $1-billion and create more than 200 jobs.