In a statement this afternoon, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness, noted that it must be noted carefully that the decisions of the court do not disturb the present composition of the Senate.

Mr. Holness says he notes the declaration of the Court on the important public policy issues surrounding the resignation of Dr. Tufton and Mr. Williams.

The Opposition Leader further noted that the court has recognized in its judgment that it was, attorney-at-law Arthur Williams who created the letters.

Mr. Holness noted that Mr. Williams advised him regarding use of the letters and its constitutionality.

The JLP Leader commented that Mr. Williams’ involvement in creating the situation is significant enough for the judges to conclude that no cost should be awarded to him.

The Opposition Leader says  the clarification going forward that the declaratory judgement of the Court brings to Jamaica’s constitutional arrangements is appreciated.

However he says given the complex legal issues involved, the Opposition is still in the process of analyzing the declaration and the reasons given.