Nationwide News understands that the Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Holness is filling an appeal against the recent Constitutional Court declaration in his case against Arthur Williams.

Senior members of the opposition party and Mr Holness’ communications team have advised that a statement on the matter will be issued within the next few minutes…

The court declared that Mr Holness acted outside of the constitution when he procured and used an undated letter of resignation in a bid to remove Mr Williams from the Senate.

The court also described Mr Holness’ action as unlawful and against public policy.

It also said the letter was null and void.

Following the court declaration on February 6, Mr. Holness  apologized for what he described as the ’embarrassment’ the situation had caused.

At a Church Service, two days after court handed down its decision, Mr Holness said he would take corrective action.

Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness.

In November 2013, Mr. Holness used pre-signed, un-dated resignation letters to remove Senators Christopher Tufton and Arthur Williams from the Senate.

This was done shortly after an internal leadership challenge by Audley Shaw who was supported by both party members.

Dr. Nigel Clarke and Ruel Reid were appointed by Holness to replace Dr. Tufton and Williams in the Senate.