The attorney who represented Andrew Holness’ company in the controversial land transaction, says the JLP leader was not attempting to evade taxes.

Mr. Holness has come under fire from the PNP for using a St. Lucia-based company, ADMAT Incorporated, to purchase the property on which he is constructing his family home.

Mr. Holness has since disclosed that ADMAT is owned by himself and his two sons, Adam and Matthew.

Patrick Bailey is the attorney who represented ADMAT in the transaction.

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Mr. Bailey says all payments to the vendor, Carmen Brown, were made through him.

The land was purchased for USD$300,000, the equivalent of about JMD$26-million at the time.

Mr. Bailey says USD$90,000 were paid from Mr. Holness’ US-dollar savings account at JMMB, while the remainder came from his account at Stocks and Securities.

He says the use of an offshore company to facilitate such a transaction is common practice.

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