The principal of Holy Trinity High School Margaret Brissett Bolt says the students who were sent home on Wednesday for bleaching will not be allowed to enter the school until “their face matches the complexion of their hands”.

Communications Director in the Ministry of Education Colin Steer says school administrators are free to take such action.

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Reports are that students were barred from entering the Holy Trinity High School on Wednesday for disobeying school rules. But Principal Mrs. Brissett Bolt says her staff had the 35 to 40 students lined up and brought them to the school’s auditorium to record their names.

Mrs. Brissett Bolt told Nationwide News that she’s been talking to the students from the start of the term, but they wouldn’t listen. She says with the support of her staff she decided to take a stand on Wednesday and send them home.

Member of the school’s Parent Teacher’s Association Hethel Bailey Osbourne says she supports the principal’s action. She also says when misbehaving students are sent home from school, their parents should reprimand them also.

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