Joyce Irving, the suspended Principal of Hopewell High School in Hanover, has been fired.

Mrs. Irving has been fired with immediate effect.

This, following a meeting of the school’s Board of Management yesterday, that decided her fate.

Nationwide News understands Mrs. Irving was given notice last evening of her dismissal via a letter.

Efforts to contact the school’s Board Chairman, Hervin Stennett, last evening were unsuccessful. However, our newscentre has been reliably informed of Mrs. Irving’s dismissal.

She was suspended by the school’s Board late last year to facilitate an investigation into allegations of financial breaches and poor governance under her watch.

Mrs. Irving appeared before the Personnel Committee of the Board over two days of hearing during the week of July 21.

Yesterday, JTA President, Dr. Mark Nicely, told Nationwide News it was unusual for a hearing of this matter to take two days, suggesting a day is usually sufficient.

Education Officer, Leonie Dunwell, has been acting in Mrs. Irving’s absence.

Education Minister,Ronald Thwaites, has announced that Hopwell High is to undergo a name change as part of efforts to re-brand the institution.

The school has been consistently ranked among the worst performing secondary institutions in the country, since it opened its doors in 2006.

Ms. Irving has served as its Principal since its inception.