PNP Senator and a one of those named as a possible contestant for the position of Party President, Norman Horne is signaling his intent not to run for the post.

In a letter over the weekend, Senator Horne, stated the election date of November 7, 2020, makes for too short a period for any new aspirant to establish a robust constituency organization to be successful at the polls.

He says this is especially so given the COVID-19 restrictions.

Mr. Horne says the date is only beneficial to those who have been campaigning for leadership over an extended period.

He says in the last six months, his focus has been on supporting the Party for the General Elections and not on organising for an internal contest.

Furthermore, Senator Horne says in light of the imminent Local Government Elections, he believes that at this point the Party should direct resources and energies to assist the councillor cohort in every way possible in order to give them a fighting chance.

He says today, the People’s National Party needs to RESET.

This he says means to Restore, Energise, Stabilise, Empower and Transform.

Mr. Horne says the Party needs a transformative leader.

He says it must put aside egos, personalities, longstanding feuds, and the fractious divisions created by the RISE UNITED and the ONE PNP factions.