Despite confirmation that former PNP Treasurer, Norman Horne, is a US citizen and ineligible to be a Senator, the country and the party remain limbo, waiting on him to act to resolve the matter.

PNP General Secretary, Dr Dayton Campbell says he notes the confirmation by Nationwide News that Mr Horne is a US citizen.

But he says the party is still waiting on Horne to honour his commitment to resolve the matter by Friday.

Our news center asked Dr Campbell if Mr Horne has communicated to the PNP his intention to rescind his Senate appointment.

Dr Dayton Campbell, PNP General Secretary, speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon.

And, State Minister of Information, Robert Morgan, says the government has no interest in the Norman Horne Senate appointment saga.

Mr. Morgan while speaking at this morning’s Post Cabinet media briefing responded to Nationwide’s question on whether the government was concerned about the stalled Senate saga rocking the Opposition PNP.

The State Minister added that the government is occupied with more serious issues.

Robert Morgan, State Minister of Information.