Debate on legislation to grant prosecutors the right to appeal was suspended in the Lower House yesterday after Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding, raised concerns about its wording and certain aspects.

Mr. Golding says he supports prosecutors having the right to appeal in situations where the course of justice has either been perverted or obstructed.

The Opposition Leader says he contemplated such legislation during his time as Minister of Justice under the Portia Simpson-Miller led administration.

However, he feels certain aspects included in the current Bill are concerning, for example the application of the public interest standard, rather than in the interest of justice.

He says justice should not be subordinated to the public interest.

Mr. Golding also questioned a provision where evidence deemed inadmissible in the first instance can be admitted during an appeal.

Mark Golding, Leader of the Opposition.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, invited Mr. Golding to sit with him and the Attorney General in rewording the legislation to address the concerns he raised.