Former speaker of the House of Representatives, Pearnel Charles Senior is defending his successor Marisa Dalrymple Philibert, saying she showed no bias in her handling of last week’s dispute which caused the Opposition to walk out of the chamber during the closing budget presentation by the Finance Minister.

The PNP Patriots have accused Mrs. Dalrymple Philibert of showing favouritism to the governing JLP.

In a statement last week the Patriots recommended that she take a leave of absence, during which time she should undergo a course in management training.

Mr. Charles says the recommendation is unnecessary.

Pearnel Charles Senior, former speaker of the House of Representatives.

A row over a point of order raised by Opposition MP Dr. Angela Brown Burke and her refusal to apologize for a comment aimed at the government benches, caused the Opposition members to leave the chamber last Tuesday.

The opposition members were also incensed by the failure of the Speaker to act against the Finance Minister for his reference to the Opposition Leader as ‘Massa Mark’.