The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peart, is strongly condemning the conduct of South West St. Catherine MP Everald Warmington and is calling for strong disciplinary action to be taken against him.

This after Mr. Warmington stuck his middle finger at journalists as he arrived at the JLP’s Belmont Road headquarters for the meeting of MPs.

The House Speaker reacted with horror and shock when Nationwide News this afternoon asked him for a response to Mr. Warmington’s crude gesture towards members of the media, outside JLP headquarters.

He only learnt of the incident after being told by our news centre.

Mr. Peart says Warmington should apologise unreservedly for his behaviour — and do it immediately.

He says the JLP should ensure he does.

But he says an apology is just the first step.

Mr. Peart believes Warmington’s behaviour should be the subject of a deliberation by the Parliament.

Mr. Peart says all Parliamentarians should condemn Warmington’s behaviour.

He says the MP for South West St. Catherine, could be suspended from the House.