Convicted clergyman the Reverend Al Miller says he has forgiven former Police Commissioner Owen Ellington for not testifying during his trial for Perverting the Course of Justice.

Reverend Miller made the comments while delivering the sermon the Fellowship Tabernacle Church, on Sunday.

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Reverend Miller was fined $1-million last week, after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court.

This, after he was found transporting fugitive Christopher “Dudus” Coke, in 2010. Miller said he was taking Coke to surrender to US authorities at the Embassy in Liguanea, St. Andrew.

He says last week’s sentence brings closure to the six-year ordeal.

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Meanwhile, the Police High Command is responding to concerns from former Political Ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair.

Bishop Blair had raised concerns that Reverend Miller’s sentencing could make pastors less willing to work with the police in facilitating the surrender of wanted persons, or to be intermediaries in the hand over of illegal firearms.

In a statement, Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams says he’s set in motion a series of activities to improve understanding between the police and the clergy.

He says he’s ensuring that there’s no ambiguity regarding how the police and the clergy should operate in these types of situations.

He’s ordered the speedy completion of protocols to guide them.

Commissioner Williams says he has also invited Bishop Blair, as well as the Umbrella Group of Churches, to discuss the draft protocols.

The Commissioner says the clergy is important to the police’s crime reduction efforts, including programmes such as Get the Guns and Unite for Change.