Political Commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang says he’d be pleasantly surprised if the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, asks Vice President Ian Hayles to step down following the conclusion of an Integrity Commission report.

Hayles is now the subject of a criminal referral by the Commission.

The referral on forgery and conspiracy to defraud allegations is contained in the long awaited report from the former Office of the Contractor General now Integrity Commission.

But Hayles has claimed the report has exonerated him.

Mr O’Brien Chang says he agrees that the Integrity Commission shouldn’t be empowered to publicise its investigations before completion and tabling before parliament.

He says he’s not impressed with how the Mark Golding led PNP has responded to previous reports from the Integrity Commission and other public investigating bodies.

Kevin O’Brien Chang Political Commentator, speaking last evening on Nationwide @5.

In the meantime, Mr O’Brien Chang is chiding civil society watch dog groups for what he says is their silence on this matter.

He called out the National Integrity Action, NIA, Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ and the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal, JAMP.

Kevin O’Brien Chang, Political Commentator, speaking last evening on Nationwide @5.