The National Integrity Action, NIA, has joined calls for executive director of the Integrity Commission, Greg Christie, to resign.

Mr. Christie has been facing public backlash for his “ask the government” remark while speaking with the media on Thursday following a gun attack on a Director of the Commission.

In a statement on Friday, the NIA says the words of leaders have the power to incite and deflect anger and animosity.

The NIA says while they respect the work of Mr. Christie, they recognise the Commission is more than any individual.

The NIA added that the position of Executive Director must be devoid of suspicions which may hinder the support by most Jamaicans.

According to the NIA, the work of the Integrity Commission is far too important to the fight against corruption for the public to have doubts on the impartial judgement of its leader.

It says the comments made by Mr. Christie were unfortunate and raise doubts.

The NIA says for this reason, it’s urging the executive director to step aside.