A member of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s security detail who’s been accused by the Police of being a player in the dangerous guns for drugs trade is proclaiming his innocence.

23-year old Constable Kenneth Reid is also being linked by the Police to the feared Clansman Gang. The policeman, who’s currently behind bars, was arrested a few weeks ago.

Constable Reid was assigned to guard Prime Minister Simpson Miller’s Upper St. Andrew residence when he was nabbed by Police investigators a few weeks ago.

He appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court yesterday after charges were laid against him.

The Policeman, his girlfriend and another accused gang member, Sheldon Walters otherwise called “Termite,” are accused of breaching the country’s anti-gang law.

Investigators say Reid and Termite are members of the feared Spanish Town-based Clansman Gang.

Constable Reid has since retained one of country’s leading criminal defence attorneys, Peter Champagnie, to clear his name.

Speaking with our news centre this afternoon, Mr. Champagnie says his client is maintaining that he’s an innocent man.

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But investigators are accusing Reid of providing information to Clansman.

Documents supplied to the Court by the Cyber Crimes Unit of the Constabulary Force also said messages from the Constable’s mobile phone showing him receiving money transfers from Haiti were recovered.

Investigators say they suspect the transfers were part of the dangerous guns for drugs trade.

Mr. Champagnie says he’ll seek to have his client granted bail next week.

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Meantime, the Police High Command says adequate due diligence was done on Constable Reid before he was given the important and sensitive assignment of providing security for Prime Minister Simpson Miller.

Deputy Police Commissioner, James Golding, is Head of the Police Border and Vital Infrastructure Security branch to which the protective services report.

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James Golding, Deputy Police Commissioner speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

Meantime … the governing People’s National Party is moving to distance Prime Minister Simpson Miller from Constable Reid’s legal troubles.

PNP Deputy General Secretary, Raymond Pryce, says it must be noted that the Prime Minister plays no role in the selection of her security detail which is assigned by the hierarchy of the Constabulary Force.

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