The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is giving its first indication that it may have to do more to help Caribbean countries recently ravaged by hurricanes.

The indication has come from the IMF’s Chief Economist, Maurice Obstfeld, during a press conference today on the World Economic Outlook.

Climate change and the impact of hurricanes on small island developing states are definitely on the IMF’s mind.

At least two sessions on the topic are planned for this week’s meetings.

The IMF’s Chief Economist, Maurice Obstfeld, says the recent disasters in the Caribbean will have a significant impact on the regional economy. And he says the IMF is standing by to help.

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He notes the suffering in small countries like Antigua and Barbuda has been great.

And, he admits the international community may have to do more.

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Meanwhile, it’s mostly positive news for the global economy.

The IMF’s Chief Economist says there’s a worldwide uptick, and things are looking better than expected.

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Kalilah Reynolds is in Washington D.C. covering this week’s IMF and World Bank Meetings.