Opposition members on the Constitutional Reform Committee, CRC, are coming under pressure over their refusal to sign off on the recommendations which have been submitted to Cabinet for review.

Senator Donna Scott Mottley and Anthony Hylton have withheld their signatures on the instruction of Opposition Leader, Mark Golding.

That decision has triggered calls from within the committee for the members of the Opposition to put country above party.

Daina Davy has more in this report.

Despite Mark Golding’s threat that he’s prepared to walk away from the process of constitutional reform unless his demands are met, members of the committee are still trying to convince Senator Donna Scott Mottley and Anthony Hylton to sign off on the recommendations.

Those behind-the-scenes efforts came to a head today when members pleaded with the two members of the PNP to put Jamaica ahead of partisan interests.

It’s understood that at least one member of the committee, who represents faith based groups, has pleaded for divine intervention to take charge and guide the committee towards ending the relationship with the British monarchy.

The committee member pleaded in the name of Jesus Christ, urging the PNP members to sign the document.

Committee members are urging Scott Mottley and Hylton not to allow a year of work to go to waste.

It’s understood the PNP members have not responded to the entreaties from their colleagues on the committee.

Nationwide sources say the committee members are also raising concerns that Opposition Leader Mark Golding waited until the committee was nearing the point of offering its recommendations before raising his concerns.

This is despite having been kept informed by his party’s representatives about the issues under deliberation and review.

It’s understood the committee members adopted the slate of recommendations at a meeting on April 26 this year.

There was reportedly no objection from the Opposition.

The committee then set a signing date of May 1. 

That timeline was pushed back to allow for further dialogue after a concern was raised by one member of the Opposition.

It’s understood the document containing the list of Golding’s objections and concerns, which was released to the media this morning, was never shared with committee members as Anthony Hylton had requested more time to consult with Mr. Golding on his concerns.

It’s understood a detailed list of responses from the CRC has been prepared to be sent to Mr. Golding following the committee’s review.

The committee members are hoping those responses will satisfy the Opposition Leader and allow for sign off by his party’s representatives.