Incest and molestation of young boys is on the rise.

So says Youth and Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna.

Speaking today with Nationwide News, Minister Hanna said incest is becoming prevalent and that it’s been an underreported problem.

Minister Hanna says there’s also an alarming trend of boys being molested by men and women.

Ms. Hanna says prosecuting offenders of sexual offences is proving to be a challenge because witnesses will not come forward.

Lisa Hanna, Youth minister.

For last year, the Office of the Children’s Registry said it received 4-thousand reports of child abuse.

Ministry to Hire Temporary Investigators

Meanwhile, the Youth Minister says her ministry will be hiring temporary investigators to look into the huge backlog of a cases of child abuse which have not been investigated.

She says the Office of the Children’s Registry receives as many as 2-hundred-and-twenty cases of child abuse each week.

She’s described the number as alarming.

Lisa Hanna, Youth and Culture Minister