The Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, Terrence Williams, is refusing to confirm or deny whether outgoing Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, is under investigation in connection with the death squad probe.

INDECOM has been probing allegations that a death squad operating in the force, is responsible for a number of extra-judicial killings.

The investigation was sparked by allegations made by police personnel.

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51 year old Owen Lloyd Ellington, whose early retirement is still generating shock, has consistently denied knowledge of allegations that a squad of policemen carries out killings under orders from senior members of the force he leads.

Today, INDECOM Commissioner Williams was asked whether Ellington is among those under investigation.

National Security Minister, Peter Bunting disclosed yesterday that Commissioner Ellington had made reference to the INDECOM death squad probe, as among his reasons to step aside.

On March 31 this year,Commissioner Williams told a media briefing that senior officers in the JCF were the subject of an INDECOM probe.

That probe led to charges being laid on several policemen.

Today, Commissioner Williams was asked whether he’s in a position to deny that Ellington is among the senior officers under probe.

Mr. Williams also declined to comment on the reasons cited by Mr. Ellington for his decision to retire as Police Commissioner.