Manslaughter and attempting to pervert the course of justice!

Two of the three charges slapped on three police personnel by the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, in connection with the beating death of St. James resident Mario Deane.

The three appeared in the Montego Bay Criminal Court this morning.

They were granted bail.

Lawyers representing INDECOM outlined the charges against the three and provided a summary of the findings of their investigation so far.

Those arrested and charged are 43 year old Woman Corporal Elaine Stewart, 24 year old District Constable, Marlon Grant and 29 year old Woman District Constable, Juliana Clevon.

INDECOM this morning, arrested and charged Woman Corporal Elaine Stewart, District Constable, Marlon Grant and Woman District Constable, Juliana Clevon, in connection with the death of Mario Deane.

All three are attached to the Barnett Street police station.

They’ve all been charged with manslaughter, attempting to pervert the course of justice and misconduct in a public office.

In a statement today INDECOM says Woman Corporal Stewart showed an intention to pervert the course of public justice when she ordered that the cell where Deane had been beaten be cleaned prior to inspection by the investigators.

According to INDECOM, this action is contrary to common law.

It says the Woman Corporal also willfully misconducted her self and abused the public trust as she, without reasonable excuse or justification, refused to complete the processing of the bail of Mario Deane.

INDECOM says all three officers willfully neglected to perform their duty and/or willfully misconducted themselves, amounting to an abuse of the public trust,

This as they failed to properly assess and monitor the risk of harm to Mario Deane.

INDECOM also found that they willfully neglected to perform their duty, when they failed to preserve the conditions of the cell where Mario Deane had suffered injuries.

The Assistant Commissioner of INDECOM Hamish Campbell declined to give further details on the investigation.

He’s citing the need for the accused to be given a fair trial.

Chairman of the Police Federation, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, was also guarded in his comment.