Chief Investigator at INDECOM, Warren Williams, says he was surprised at the relaxed and smiling demeanor of Constable, Collis Chucky Brown, when Brown confessed to conspiring with members of the Police Force to commit serious crimes.

Mr. Williams says Brown spoke about serious activities involving himself and other police personnel during an interview in January 2014.

The INDECOM Chief Investigator says during the interview he cautioned Constable Brown that he was being recorded. Mr. Williams says he reminded Constable Brown that anything he says may be used against him in a court of law.

Williams told the Home Circuit Court that despite being asked several times whether he wanted his lawyer present, Brown elected to be interviewed alone. He says Constable Brown later attended a meeting in Mandeville where he reviewed a transcript of the interview.

Responding to questions fron lead Prosecutor, Caroline Hay, Mr. Williams said Constable Brown’s body language troubled him.

Mr. Williams says Brown smiled throughout the interview and used his mobile phone several times.

The INDECOM Chief Investigator said “even as a big man, I found it troubling how relaxed he was given what he says he was involved in.”

Mr. Williams says the interview with Brown was conducted in the presence of INDECOM Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell.

Assistant Commissioner Campbell testified last week that Constable Brown admitted that he participated in the unlawful killing of several people and the planting of guns on their bodies.

The trial is to resume Wednesday morning at 11:00. Constable Brown is accused of conspiring to murder three men between 2009 and 2012. He’s pleaded not guilty to the charge.

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