Attorney at law, Chuck Cameron, is welcoming a ruling today from the Court that the Inspector of investigations at INDECOM did not have the power to compel his client, Police Constable Delmond Grant, to answer questions from an INDECOM investigator.

In April last year, Constable Grant filed an application for judicial review against INDECOM.

The application sought to quash the decision of the Inspector of Investigations to compel Grant to answer questions being asked by an INDECOM investigator.

The issue was considered by Justice Nicole Simmonds.

Today, Justice Simmonds quashed the decision of the INDECOM Inspector to compel Constable Grant to answer the questions.

The decision was quashed on the basis that the INDECOM Inspector was seeking to exercise an adjudicative power which he did not have.

Mr. Cameron says the court will hand down its written judgment by October 4 this year.

He says it’s possible an officer of the Commission has the power to compel a Policeman to answer questions but not the Inspector of Investigations.

Chuck Cameron, attorney for Constable Delmond Grant speaking today with Nationwide News.