Tyrone Reid reports

The Independent Commission of Investigations INDECOM says members of the police force who encounter a mob attack should defend themselves.

Deputy Commissioner of INDECOM, Hamish Campbell notes that members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force JCF, are within their legal right to retaliate in the face of a mob attack.

But, Deputy Commissioner Campbell says the odds are against police personnel against a large group of people.

INDECOM is condemning the killing of Constable Kirkland Plummer at the weekend, who was reportedly mobbed by patrons at an illegal party.

Reports are that patrons hurled missiles at the Constable, then shot him.

Deputy Commissioner Campbell says members of the police force are trained to respond to situations where their lives are threatened.

The INDECOM Deputy Commissioner says firing into a mob can be very dangerous.

He insists that fleeing the scene should be the priority for members of the police force when faced by such a threat.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Campbell says a suggestion by some members of the police force over the years, that INDECOM suppresses their right to defend themselves against attacks from members of the public is false.