A senior investigator attached to the Independent Commission of Investigation, INDECOM, told the Court in the murder trial of Constable Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown that the accused was given a recording device to get information on senior police officers and his peers.

The senior investigator, Warren Williams, was recalled to the stand yesterday by the lead attorney for the defence, Norman Godfrey.

However, Mr. Williams revealed that the recorded information Mr Brown provided wouldn’t have been enough to secure a conviction on its own.

Mr. Williams told the court that representatives from INDECOM met with Constable Brown on a number of occasions between September 29, 2013 and the time of his arrest in 2014.

Mr Williams told the court that it was during one of those meetings that Mr. Brown requested recording devices so that he could provide information on senior officers and his peers.

When Mr. Godfrey asked if the recorded information provided by Constable Brown led to charges being laid, Mr. Williams said yes but only after it was verified.

When asked if the recordings led to charges against senior officers, Mr. Williams said no charges could have been laid without verification.

Meanwhile, under cross-examination, Mr. Williams denied that INDECOM made promises to Constable Brown in exchange for his cooperation.

The murder trial will resume this morning at 10.