The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, is supporting the move by Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams, to push for certain controversial amendments to be made to the Bail Act.

Dr. Williams says the police want the legislation to be amended so suspects in criminal matters can be arrested and bailed prior to being charged.

The public is perhaps getting used to the police and INDECOM being at loggerheads.

But the two have found common ground on a controversial proposal mooted last week by the Police Commissioner, Dr Carl Williams.

The proposal concerns similar amendments to the Bail Act that were struck down four years ago by the Supreme Court.

INDECOM’s Commissioner, Terrence Williams, says his office supports the proposal for persons arrested to be bailed — even before they’re charged.

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Terrence Williams says it’s a suggestion INDECOM had also made in the wake of last year’s controversial beating death of Mario Deane.

INDECOM says bail pending charge, prevents persons from languishing in custody while awaiting multiple court appearances to assess the readiness of a case.

Mr. Williams says he’s mindful of the need for certain safeguards against the abuse of the proposed system.

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The INDECOM boss says investigators would also have to ensure that persons aren’t arrested without reasonable suspicion.