INDECOM Commissioner, Terrence Williams, says attorneys for the Commission will use the Court to respond to controversial comments made by High Court Judge, Glen Brown.

Justice Brown’s comments have triggered debate and questions in some legal and political circles.

The Gleaner newspaper reported today that Justice Brown has threatened to toss out three of the so-called police death squad cases. This, because of what Justice Brown reportedly cited as the government’s failure to pay the attorneys representing the accused policemen.

The Gleaner today quoted Justice Brown as saying if the government is holding hard end and doesn’t pay the policemen’s legal fees – he may set another trial date or throw out the cases.

Justice Brown is further quoted as saying – “I can tell anybody. I have the power to do it, I have done nothing that anyone can take any disciplinary action against me”.

The Judge is also quoted as saying the government has over this upcoming weekend to resolve the issue of fees then he’ll make a decision on Monday.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has described Justice Brown’s comments as out of order.

While some members of the legal profession, who did not wish to be named, have said the comments by the High Court Judge may have infringed upon an issue which is within the remit of the Executive arm of the State.

INDECOM Commissioner, Terrence Williams, told our news centre this afternoon that the Commission is aware of Justice Brown’s alleged comments and will use the Court to respond.

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Our news centre disclosed two weeks ago that Cabinet has directed Minister Chuck to set up a panel to decide the Government’s response to the $108-million legal bill submitted to the government by seven attorneys and their law firms.

The bill is for representation of 10-policemen who’re before the court for various criminal offences.

In one case, an attorney and his law firm have demanded $46-million to continue representing a policeman who’s accused of 4-counts of murder.

Another prominent attorney has also billed the Government $18-million in connection with two cases which are still before the court.

Commissioner Williams says INDECOM is hoping for a resolution of the issue.

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