Some private schools have opted to re-open using a blended approach, based on a previous order by the Ministry of Education.

Headmistress for the Vaz Preparatory School, Karlene Bisnott, says there was some degree of ambiguity regarding the blended approach.

She says the previous order had outlined guidelines to facilitate limited face to face classes.

Ms. Bisnott says, there is an upcoming meeting with Jamaica Independent Schools Association, JISA, and the Education Ministry to discuss a viable way forward for private institutions.

Karlene Bisnott, Headmistress of the Vaz Preparatory School.

She says her institution is currently only opened virtually.

Headmistress for The Creative Kids Academy, says, they’ve been hosting face to face classes since August.

She adds however, that the institution will discontinue face to face classes next week, subject to a correspondence received, today.

Both administrators expressed concerns with the current order, citing they’ve already satisfied the requirements of the previous order at a cost.