A self-professed Police informant testified today that murder accused, Police Constable Collis Chuckie Brown, begged him not to implicate Brown in the 2012 double murder of Dwayne Douglas and Andrew Fearon.

Brown is currently before the Home Circuit Court in downtown, Kingston in connection with that double murder. He’s also accused of murdering another man, Robert Gutty Dawkins in 2009.

The witness told the court that in 2016 both he and Constable Brown were in custody at the Horizon Remand Center.
The witness says Constable Brown begged him not to speak to anybody about the circumstances in which he, Brown, murdered Dwayne Douglas and Andrew Fearon.

The witness had testified yesterday that upon Constable Brown’s request, he gave Brown information about the whereabouts of both men because Brown wanted to kill them.

Today, the witness referred to Constable Brown and told lead prosecutor, Queen’s Counsel Caroline Hay – “he told me if anyone approaches me or comes to me I must not say nothing and I don’t know nothing about nothing”

The witness continued – “he was just always reminding me not to talk because he said he was expecting people may want to come to talk to me”

According to the witness, he asked Chucky, “waaa gwaaan fi di Dwayne Douglas case”.

He says Chucky replied – “nothing inna da case deh, dat saaf ..mi ago bus dat”

Prior to completing her examination in chief of the witness today, Mrs. Hay asked the witness whether he has any criminal convictions.

The witness, who’s 40 years old, admitted that he’s had at least five convictions for larceny, along with a conviction for illegal possession of firearm and misprision of a felony.

Misprision of a felony is the deliberate concealment of personal knowledge of a crime.

The witness told the Court that he pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony in October this year. He said that charge and guilty plea related to the murder of Dwayne Douglas and Andrew Fearon. The witness says he was given a suspended sentence of 1 year in relation to the misprision of a felony charge.

The witness also admitted that he entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors in exchange for his testimony against Constable Brown.

The witness also told the Court today that he had heard that Dwayne Douglas was involved in the kidnapping of a girl.

According to the witness, he also heard that the girl who was kidnapped is the daughter of one of two dons which Constable Collis Chucky Brown said are his bosses.

The witness made the revelation in response to questions from Constable Brown’s Attorney, Norman Godfrey. Mr. Godfrey asked the witness whether he reported to the Police what he heard about the kidnapping.

The witness replied – “I told Constable Collis Chucky Brown”.

Mr. Godfrey asked the witness whether he would consider himself a career criminal.

The witness said – “no sir, we can all be reformed”

Mr. Godfrey asked the witness, will you agree that you are a thief?

The witness said, ‘no Sir’.

The Defence Attorney questioned the witness further by asking – will you agree that you admitted to convictions for stealing ?

The witness said – ‘yes sir but not lying’. The witness told Mr. Godfrey that it was in the interest of justice that he decided to give evidence about what he said was Constable Brown’s murder of Dwayne Douglas and Andrew Fearon in 2012.

Mr. Godfrey suggested to the witness that his decision to become a Police informant then state witness were motivated by a desire to make money. The witness rejected the suggestion.

In the meantime, the professed Police informant stunned the Court today when he said Constable Brown told him in 2012 that his, (Brown’s) main boss is a popular drug don from Mandeville in Manchester who has a construction company.

According to the witness, Constable Brown also told him that he answers to directives from the don and also his then commanding officer in Clarendon.

The witness testified yesterday that Constable Brown had told him that he wanted to kill Dwayne Douglas because Douglas dissed three of his bosses, including the popular don.

Today, the witness responded to follow up questions from lead prosecutor Caroline Hay.

According to the witness, the murder accused told him that his main boss is – “a well known and very popular don from Manchester in Mandeville”.

The witness declared in open court today – “I don’t want to go into many details about what this don does but he’s a famous contractor and has a construction company.”

The name of the don was not said in Court.

The witness says during 2012 he spoke to Constable Brown at least two or three times per week.

The trial was adjourned this afternoon until 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Then, defence attorney, Norman Godfrey is to continue his cross-examination of the alleged police informant.

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