Information Minister, Robert Morgan, is calling on members of the opposition to desist from what he sees as attempts to push public sector unions to take industrial action.

Mr Morgan says agents of the People’s National party are stoking dissent among the civil service.

The People’s National Party has denounced as fake, a screenshot of a WhatsApp message purportedly showing the party president urging members of a leading corporate company to strike.

The purported conversation shows Mr. Golding calling for a fellow party member to stir upheaval among the workers.

To which the member responded, “they are working on it”

Again according to the purported message the opposition leader responds ” to hit them where it hurts”.

However, in a release from the Opposition Leader he says the screenshot is a defamatory act which has been concocted to divert the public’s attention from the Government’s handling of the wage negotiations.

He says the matter has been reported to the police.

But, Mr Morgan says he was unaware of this particular message.

He says he’s seen members of the PNP on the ground deliberately attempt to get workers to disrupt the normal activities of the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Morgan says the government continues to work to resolve all concerns in the interest of stakeholders.

Robert Morgan, Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister.