The matter involving the mother of nine-year-old Gabriel King came to an abrupt halt Monday morning in the St. James Parish Court.

Senior Parish Judge, Sasha Ashley, told the defense and the attorney representing the Jamaica Constabulary Force, to sit and agree on the terms of the Cybercrimes Act.

Robian Williams was in the St. James Parish Court and files this report.

King’s mother is attempting to use the court to bar the police from accessing data on her phone as part of their investigation into the killing of her son.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF was granted a production order, aimed at compelling her to comply.

King was found with his throat slashed in the back seat of his mother’s audi motorcar on the Fairfield main road on January 13 this year.

His mother reported to the police that her car was hijacked by gunmen who had made off with the vehicle.

Attorney representing King’s mother Chukwuemeka Cameron started making submissions.

He quoted sections of the act, specifically concerning one’s privacy.

Cameron noted that there are certain steps the court and the police should consider before granting access to one’s device. He says several attempts were made by King’s mother to comply with the court’s order.

Back in court, Judge Ashley stated that she will not sit and listen to the act being read out.

Attorney Cameron started saying that, “There is no equality of arms…”, when the judge stood, asked the court to rise and walked out.

Earlier Cameron had argued that his hands are tied and a blindfold cast over his eyes, as he was not present when the production order was granted.

He also questioned the rationale behind a penal notice being attached to the order. He says it is fundamentally unfair and his client is at a disadvantage as the variations of the matter are not known.

The matter was adjourned until Friday when further submissions will be made.

When asked why his client did not appear physically, Cameron declined to comment.

He says the police’s recently publicised update on the matter is unfortunate.