I always believe those given positions of authority, power, accountability and public trust should be held to higher standards than the average citizen. They should also be found competent, efficient and effective in said posts with remuneration to match.

Let me also say that even a man given a duty to function for free must at all times seek to put his best foot forward in accomplishing what is required. To whom much is given, much is required. This cannot be taken lightly in the period after a performance is found sadly wanting in several areas. The person who seeks out or is requested for a job must be armed with the information of all things required prior to accepting and has an obligation to perform.

In recent times we have seen where the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has been a bad referee, ignoring committed fouls, allowing unsportsmanlike behaviour and bringing the game into disrepute. Sadly, like so many games played with bad reports, all that happened is the changing of the referee for the sport to continue. Where is accountability for the actual people responsible for the entire season being ruined?

The top tier at the FSC are well paid. Highly paid. It can be even said they are overpaid. We required proper and stellar stewardship and they failed while sitting in their seats unbothered for years. The only thing we have seen is changing of the refs, while the whistle has sat around their necks unblown. It is certainly isn’t the case they were not on the field of play or missed the dirty run of the game, but instead they sat and simply allowed it to do its full course into disaster. Did they issue a true report of how the games were going so players, team members and potential team investors could be made aware of what was happening? No.

They simply sat back and revelled in their roles of seeming autonomy and self-imposed authority, deciding what they collectively believed was good enough for the game. The idea that dereliction of duty, gross incompetence, inefficiency, ineffectiveness and sleeping while the game is being played is acceptable has become the norm. We accept replacements and resignations as requirements to end all riot and rumblings in the public domain. This is unacceptable on every level playing field.

It cannot be people who are paid more than most to oversee the proper running of the backbone of the economy…our financial sector…can simply sit, collect cushions, aiding and abetting by their complicity of extreme comfort and carelessness. They must be made to stand in full view, giving absolute and complete disclosure of their stewardship.

The idea of allowing them to walk off into their own designed and tailored sunset is not accountability. It is an acceptance of corruption and incompetence going unchecked. We have seen decades of it and the game is worse for it. The people deserve better than the FSC has earned millions of dollars to do…and failed.