Opposition Senator, Marlene Malahoo-Forte, has branded as insulting, a call from Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding, for the eight opposition Senators to “do the right thing” and vote for the three CCJ Bills now before Parliament.

Senator Malahoo Forte says when the JLP formed government, it had invited the Opposition PNP to discuss options regarding Jamaica’s final court.

But she says the current PNP-administration has never issued a formal invitation to the JLP, to sit at the discussion table.

She says instead, Senator Golding and his government colleagues have chosen to insult the Opposition and its eight lawmakers in the upper house.

Last week, the Justice Minister referred to the Opposition Senators as the “Super Eight”, as he called on them to do what’s in Jamaica’s best interest.

Writing on Facebook today, Senator Malahoo Forte said, “how dare the PNP presume that we do not have the best interest of Jamaica at heart”.

She continued, “how dare they believe that like them, for us it’s Party first all the way.”

Senator Malahoo-Forte said she’d never forget Senator Golding’s response to questions about letting the people use a referendum to decide the CCJ issue.

She says she didn’t realize how much the PNP has a distrust for the people of Jamaica and their right to to determine and decide important issues.